YSL Muse Return

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  1. I've purchased a Oversized White Muse last week. I have been staring at it everyday since I received it and it just doesn't feel right. I don't like the white. There is a slight twinge of yellow in it and I don't feel right wearing white white with it (if that makes sense). So tomorrow morning I'm going to make the long trip to YSL 50 minutes away to return it. I made such a fuss getting it, and now I feel bad I'm returning it, but I just don't think the bag is all that great.

    Does anyone else ever have things like that happen to them?
  2. I know what you mean by it's not stark white and feel funny wearing white with it, that's the problem with white summer bag. I wear a lot of white in the summer, if the bag is not stark white, my clothes will make the bag look old and dirty; and the other way round if the bag is whiter than my outfit. I used to drive 40mins to go shopping or even window shopping, so if you don't think you'd wear it, return it. Maybe get it in camel for the summer? I thought it comes in camel?
  3. How was the size? It looks pretty big on some of the stars that are toting it around. Did you find it awkward in the least? I agree about the white, I think I would take black or chocolate. I definitely have done that with handbags before- partly because most of my stuff is bought without viewing it IRL before hand.
  4. I just shipped mine back for all of the same reasons. Along with the hardware was all scratched. Don't know if that is how it's supposed to be or if it was sitting around for a long time.
  5. The white seemed so fun too but I could not deal w/ the fact that it has the slightest twinge of yellow in it. That would drive me nuts. Do you think that was just your bag in particular or are all the white ones like that? I'm fancying the choco brown myself and saving up $ for that one.....one day I'll get one! ;)
  6. Don't feel bad of returning the bag if you are not happy with it! Good luck for your next bag search!:biggrin:
  7. I returned a Fendi Spy last weekend because I felt it just didn't look right on me. I still love to look at the bag but for that kind of $$$ I felt I needed to LOVE wearing it too!!! I wanted the medium Muse in tan, but after I saw it IRL I decided against it. I thought it would be more of an orangy tan like on the website, but IRL it was more of a mustard/yellow tan. I passed on it.
  8. there are sooo many shades of "white" :S that's weird!
    return it if you dont feel 100% happy with it .. I would if I were in your shoes!
  9. I think it's easy to think that you like a bag when you buy online. It's always so different, trying on the bag at home.
  10. Don't feel bad. Although the drive sucks...you'll find something else soon enough! :nuts:
  11. Sorry to hear about the drive, but at least you'll be opened up go getting another bag you really love :biggrin:
  12. The bag was huge. I'm not a tiny girl like Lindsey Lohan and people said that bag just ate me up. A large would probably be better for me. I just really thought I wanted it in white.
  13. OH NO!!!!!! Gulp ... :sick: ... I just BOUGHT this bag online (from N/M) ... I wonder if it was your return?

    I'm not concerned with the size (I'm 5'10"), so I typically carry the largest-sized bag anyhow ... but, I'm not happy to hear that the hardware was all scratched up!!!! I'll have to look at the color to see if I'm going to keep it ... DANG!

    B/G had the Chocolate XL Muse as well, but I thought that since I have the Cognac Spy, I didn't want to get Brown again. I did like the Tan, but I couldn't find it online ... and god knows, I can't find it in the stores around here.

    I saw a super-cool leopard print on the YSL website ...

    Oh man ... now I don't know what to do ... I just canceled my Chloe Edith order to get this instead!
  14. Don't feel bad returning it. Get something else that you know you will love.
  15. I bought a large muse last night in black. I am 5'6 and absolutely love large bags, but the XL was too large for me. It seem to come up too high under my shoulder. The large is a great size. I looked at the white, but the color just seems flat to me. Even the SA agreed that the white is not as pretty in the muse as the other colors. The black is absolutely gorgeous, very classy. The Houston store also has a metallic dark grey in the L and XL size which was very eye-catching but I am a little nervous about the longevity of metallics and a brown ostrich (very very very nice) in the XL size and then white and black and an olive.