ysl muse question

  1. is the ysl muse a permanent line? what is the dimension of large and xlarge?
  2. I'm not sure if Muse is a permanent line.

    Large => 17X11X3
    Xlarge => 17X13X4
  3. tnx for telling me the dimension =)
  4. Actually I have the OS and it's a bit larger than that..it's 19L x 14H x 6W.....
  5. tnx for the info..

    but does anyone knows if the muse bag is a permanent line?
  6. It should be. The last time I asked the SA, it's a classic design. The colours will change more or less every season, but the style should stay.
  7. Hello girls, I just called the YSL SF boutique, and they told me they won't be making the medium (smallest) anymore after this season except for "special" occasions, whatever that means.
  8. i don't want to start a new thread on this, so i just have a question...

    has anyone heard anything about patent muse in future collections? an SA in HK told me that they would be coming out again...but i haven't seen them anywhere. but then, i've only seen the patent muse in stores and not in online boutiques...
  9. YSL.com is showing this bag as part of the fall/winter collection. The website just shows a small sample, though, so its hard to know what the entire collection will contain. I haven't received my fall/winter catalogue yet.