Ysl muse pricing!

  1. Hello all

    does anyone know how much the YSL costs in English Pounds and Euros.

    Merci beaucoup all!!
  2. There are 3 different sizes,so I'm sure they're all different prices. My large was 995euros about a year ago.
  3. does anyone know where i can buy a muse in the uk (scotland would be great but i doubt it)....or know a website that ships to the uk...im sure if anyone knows its you guys :smile: thanks in advance
  4. what does the small muse cost in US dollars? thanks in advance.
  5. They used to make 4 muse sizes. This year they have discontinued the small size. Now there is only the medium, large & oversize.
  6. which museare the celebrities using? is it the XL?
  7. ^ Most of them use the XL or Oversize. A few use the Large.
  8. How big or small is the medium? I'm only 5 feet tall, and the large one will prolly overwhelm me... What's the size of the medium?
  9. I am 5ft 2" (not that much taller than you) and here's my medium.
  10. Thanks for the pic! It looks lovely on you, I'm considering one seriously now.... :smile:
  11. I'm 4"11 and the medium looks like a large on me! I loooove my Muse.
  12. How much is the medium muse in US dollars, as am going there soon, and in harvey nic's it was about £750...
  13. how much is the XL muse in london?
  14. I purchased a black muse in the large size last year (August 2006) at the YSL boutique in SF. It retailed for $1195 + 8.5% tax. Hope this helps!
  15. Brown Thomas carries them in the UK