YSL muse or MJ stam?? Please help!!!

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  1. White gets dirty but if you take care of it, it'll last you longer. That's why I just got an el'cheapo white bag so it won't be that much of a loss. You don't necessarily have to get a white YSL, there are other colors like black, choco brown, metallics, and olive to name a few.
  2. I vote Stam!
  3. If you already have a Stam, I think I'd contemplate getting something other than another Stam--even if it's a black one... The Muse is a great bag, but in some ways it's got similarities with the Stam... Do you specifically want a non-shoulder strap bag?

    Plus if you already have two white bags, I'd go for something else. A black bag sounds like a good choice since you've got brown/neutral covered with the Stam in cola and you've got two white bags...

    If you have some ideas of the style you're looking for that might help with more input...
  4. I say go check out the black muse in person and go from there :smile:
  5. I saw the black muse in person but I wasn't too thrilled.
    I really wanted a black bag with gold accent(?) like the black stam with the gold lock and the chain. But the white muse is just too beautiful... Which one do you guys think I can carry "forever"??
  6. Stam!
  7. I have more than one stam. That Muse in bronze is really gorgeous or the animal print is really funky. More than one white bag is not bad. You need something to use in the summer months.
  8. I'd vote Muse, but not in white.