YSL muse or MJ stam?? Please help!!!

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  1. Hi everyone!
    So.. I decided not to get the cerises sac plat. It was too "shopping-bag looking" to me.. So I'm in dilemma whether I should get the black stam from MJ or white muse from YSL...
    I would love to have the black stam (but I already have it in cola).
    And YSL is one of the "it bags" I really like (but I already have two white bags, jimmy choo and balenciaga)
    Could you help me decide please??
    What do you guys think about having more than one bags of the same style (but of course, different color)?
    Can't wait to hear what you guys think!!!
  2. Hi and welcome!!

    Personally, I love the Stam in black. Do you use your Cola Stam a lot?? If you really like the YSL (I am undecided), maybe you could get it in another color, instead of white??

    This is the fun part, isn't it??!! Trying to decide? I change my mind daily on what my next bag will be.

    Keep us informed!
  3. YSL, but only because you already have the cola stam!
  4. I would have said Black Stam which I LOVE, but since you already have one, I think YSL Muse in White is a lovely bag, so I pick the YSL.
  5. I say YSL muse, you already have a stam. Variety is always nice.
  6. ooh, get the ysl oversized in white.
  7. Thanks guys,
    I love the YSL muse, too. But I don't have many black bags (I have tod's and balenciaga) and I feel like I should get more.. :sad2:
    Which one do you think is more classic? Because I would like something more classic than trendy...
    tough choice for me..
  8. The Muse's shape will probably wear better, and it would look divine in black !
  9. I think both are classic. The YSL Muse comes in black too, no? To come to think of it, I think having 2 stams is ok, too. After all, one was not enough for me. I got the Putty first, then also HAD to have the black stam. If your love for Stam is as great as mine, I'd say get the black Stam!
  10. I think the white muse is the most beautiful of all so it's hard to decide.. But the white bag gets dirty easily I think,, right??
  11. Stam all the way!
  12. First of all, congrats on your decision not to get the cerises sac plat. I never knew what all the fuss was about wrt the cherises.. but that's just me;) And definitely not a fan of the sac plat.

    I'm not quite feeling the stam, esp in black. If it was the ice taupe or petrol blue, then maybe.. The Muse is lovely so that would be my preference.
  13. I say Muse :biggrin: I've always liked it a lot better than the stam, unless its the putty stam :biggrin:
  14. i'll say, stam.... i like it for some reason. :smile:
  15. Definitely get the YSL then!!!! That's what I'm seriously lemming right now in the most serious way......*sigh*:love: