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  1. i have to get one of these two.
    either the large muse in tan or a paddy tote in jaune. if i don't get the paddy asap it will be gone.
    help...i'm spending to many brain cells on this issue.
  2. Muse!
  3. My vote is definetely the paddy tote. Very cool!
  4. i think the paddy can be heavy....
  5. I tend to agree with you i tried it without the lock, but then its like whats the point?
  6. Paddy!:biggrin:
  7. Muse!
  8. Definitely Muse :biggrin:
  9. If you want to be able to wear on your shoulder with a jacket...the paddy tote. If you want an arm held bag that you can shoulder wearing a light top or if you want to save $500...the muse. I have both bags...they are soooo different...
  10. is the paddy tote really heavy. i might get both....get the muse in white and the tote in yellow
  11. Sounds like a solution!
  12. that juane color looks heavenly! I vote for the paddy!!
  13. Perfect solution!
  14. I vote for the Muse!
  15. Paddy! I have 2 already!