YSL muse or Chanel reissue?

  1. Hi there please help me. Should I get a YSL muse or a chanel reissue that I have been dreaming of since early this year? I know they are two different types of bags but I only have the funds right now to purchase one.
  2. I am not going to be much help......
    I got the black reissue and have just ordered the choco muse, like you said, 2 different bags!! However, the reissue is harder to obtain which is why I got that one first.
  3. They are both very nice, you can't go wrong with any of them. Do you carry lots of stuffs with you? If yes, go for Muse since it's roomier.
  4. It depends. Like bag.lover said, if you use a lot of stuff in your purse, go for the Muse. However, if you have a lot of big bags and want a change or you don't carry a lot of stuff with you, go with the reissue.
  5. Are you looking for more of an everyday bag that you can dress up or down? Do you like a roomier bag? Something you can also travel with? Are you looking for a modern (hopefully) classic? --> Muse

    Are you looking for more of a special occasion bag that you'll be able to use occasionally for years? Do you carry less? Are you looking for a tested classic --> Reissue

  6. Well said,,, exactly!! They are two totally different bags. Which 'type' do you want/need more? :smile:
  7. i will go for chanel reissue because it's classic and i want a small bag. :smile:
  8. chanel for sure!
  9. If you can get your hands on a reissue, go for it. You will NEVER regret it, no matter how often you wear it.
  10. chanel
  11. chanel reissue, hands down!!
  12. Definitely the reissue. Muse will be around for a ehile.
  13. Chanel!
  14. I just returned my large grey reissue to Saks in portland if someone is looking for one. It was perfect but not the bag for me. I have one classic flap black chanel that I use so I didn't think I needed two bags like this. the muse would be much better for me because of the size and casualness.
  15. I say the muse!