YSL muse or BV large hobo

  1. Hi everyone, I need your help in making a decision. If you have a choice, will you get muse or the large BV hobo? Which one is more classic down the road?
  2. I too am considering the Muse, but I opted for a Balenciaga Teal city instead. Do you have a pic of the BV Hobo?
  3. I would vote for the BV hobo. Both are such "classic" looking bags that I think either way, you can't go wrong.
  4. BV for sure
  5. thank you all for the reply. For those who own any BV, is it hard to maintain? How do you protect the suede lining? How does the leather hold up over years? TIA for your input!
  6. i don't know which BV you're talking about, but i guess my vote go for the muse :P
  7. BV hobo for sure - I'm not a fan of the Muse, and the BV hobo has been around for years, and likely will continue to be!
  8. Me too :yes:
  9. go for the muse!!!!:nuts:
  10. BV Hobo is my vote.
  11. BV without a doubt. The leather quality and craftsmanship is superior!
  12. I guess it's a decision between a classic fairly structured bag and a hobo. I am not a hobo girl so between the two I would get the muse.
  13. YSL muse! i don't like BV...
  14. i vote for muse. not a fan of BV.
  15. Both!

    No...ok if you make me choose I say BV hobo. Good luck with your decision. :cutesy: