YSL muse or Balenciaga work


Aug 21, 2006
Hi There,
I'm only new to this thread but I need your help. I'm after a new bag and i'm thinking about either getting a YSL muse bag in the large or a balenciaga work. Now my only problem is that im in Australia and we only have one store in oz that stocks balenciaga bags and I wanted to get the balenciaga bag in the ink colour but they have sold out. I already have a balenciaga bag in black in the city and first and the magentia in the first also, so which bag do you think I should get?
I am a bit biased because I'm a huge balenciaga fan. The muse is just soooooo havy!
I would search ebay to find an Ink work. I sold mine which i had olny carried twice a while ago because I prefer the shoulderstrp (city/day);
Quite a few ink works have popped up on ebay these last weeks it's worth looking!
I'm biased towards Balenciagas too!!

And as you've mentioned, you've got a few Bbags, so I would think that you would find the YSL Muse really heavy as compared to ya other Bbags.

Just my 2 cents worth! :smile:
What color YSL were you thinking of? I don't own one but I love it in black. I think it is one of those new "timeless" designs that will be around for a while. Ink is definitely one of the nicest color Balenciagas (one me). The city was too big for me though. I walked around with it on in the store and didn't like how it kept hitting my thighs. But they do have some great ones on eBay right now!
Just beware that you have to get the oversized Muse to fit most computers, the shape just doesn't really work for computers and it makes the bottom misshapen. The shape of the Bal bags is just much friendlier for folders, etc
I think I might go with the balenciaga again...I just love them so much. Does anyone know if I still would be able to get a work in the ink colour? I tried calling Bal NY but there was no answer...I thought they were open until 7pm from Mon - Sat?
Yeah that is prob why because I tried calling them at like 6.30pm but there was not answer. I might have to stay up late tonight to get them frist then when they open. If only Bal had a store in Australia haha.