YSL muse or balenciaga city??? I DONT KNOW!

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  1. POsting this in the bbag pages might subject me to some biased opinions but I need opinions people! I got both bags- the YSL muse in violet or the balenciaga city in vert d'eau...I can only keep one without getting my head chopped off. WHICH ONE!:sweatdrop:
  2. vert d'eau city! :graucho:
  3. Look at my pics, VERT D'EAU! it's perfect for summer!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. hi prncessjax! i bought the muse a month ago... and i am quite disappointed... it's a beautiful bag BUT very very heavy, hard to carry around, hard to carry under the shoulder...i am quite disappointed in it. what did i do to feel better? went back to balenciaga and got another city (taupe colour)!!! they are by far the best bags i have ever bought, easy to carry, light, flexible and embracing the shape of your body (especially when u r in a overcrowded subway or bus)...
  6. City and then a Muse.
  7. They are both sitting here staring at me, taunting me....after reading maimiti's comments i am leaning towards the city....this purple color of the muse though is just hypnotizing me....I sent the man to blockbuster to pick a movie so i could have some alone time to think this through....you know, life's big decisions...
  8. I don't like violet so I'll pick the City! :p
  9. I would vote for the city for practicality, the Muse is nice to look at - but not as nice to actually have to carry around.

    If you like the violet color... did you see the new Bbag color violet coming out in the Fall 07 colors?? :graucho: It's very nice.
  10. keep the city and then when f/w bags come out get a violet city or work!
  11. I agree. Can't wait for the new violet color! Ahhhhh...:yahoo:
  12. city!
  13. ^^ ITA, but i mean, afterall, you're in the b-bag forum girl (lol!!!) :p:push:;)...i've tried the YSL muse & it's gorgeous, but it's way too heavy for me...after being spoiled by my "light-as-a-feather" b-bags, there's no way i'd ever reach for a muse instead!!!
  14. WOAH WOAH WOAH! violet city in the fall? EXCUUUUSE ME?? how did i not know about this? and where do i sign up?? I MUST HAVE IT! I never got the memo
  15. ive carried a muse but then sold it because it didnt feel right on my shoulder...it also didnt seem to have the EDGE that i appreciate about bbags. so, my vote is for the bbag.