YSL muse or balenciaga city??? I DONT KNOW!

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  1. I got 2 bags the other day at Neiman's...the new violet YSL muse bag in the medium size and the Vert D'eau city balanciaga. I am only allowed to keep one....WHICH ONE!!!! I DONT KNOW!!!!:sweatdrop:
  2. That's quite a dilemma...
    If it were me, I'd keep the Muse. Esp because of the color. The violet muse is HOT!
  3. AH, what a decision! Keep both!
  4. I have black Muse in medium, I like it very very much....
  5. A vote for the Muse from me.
  6. wow...such a muse reaction...i was leaning to the balenciaga...but i have 3 already and no ysl bags...my god the agony!!! This is gonna kill me! I would love to keep both, don't even tempt me! I would get my head ripped off by the fiancee' who already thinks I spend too much (he isn't wrong). I am gonna lose sleep tonight
  7. Another vote for the muse. The violet is just too gorgeous to pass up!
  8. the YSL muse! Where can i buy one?
  9. Muse.

    That bag is beautiful (I have one in ivory) and it's timeless. Granted, I am not a huge Balenciaga fan, but still... the Muse is a great bag!
  10. Violet muse. :yes:
  11. Balenciaga!
  12. If i have to choose one, I would go for YSL Muse.
  13. i would say keep the balenciaga
  14. i'm biased, so i'll go with balenciaga :p
  15. BALENCIAGA!!!! They too, are timeless!