YSL Muse on sale at Neiman Marcus

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  1. Oak and Brown large Muse on sale for $907, down from $1295.
  2. Wow! 30% off - pretty good if you're looking for those colors and that size. Where'd you see this?
  3. on NM website...
  4. is that the smallest muse?
  5. no it's the large..Oak is sold out now, khaki still available..
  6. oh wow. that is a pretty great deal. They have marked them down more before though - i think i've seen an ivory large at 40-50% off on neimans.com
  7. wow thats a great deal!
  8. Why am I having no luck finding this on the NM site??? Duhhh -
  9. I wasn't able to find it either!! :sad:
  10. Well they are gone now...but NM has changed their site so a lot of the premier designer bags do not show up on the sale page. Do this - go to google and type in exactly as shown:
    site:neimanmarcus.com BEST CUSTOMER

    This brings up the special site where they are putting their first sale items including premier designer bags..there are many there that went up yesterday ... good luck..
  11. ooh thanks for the tip! Keep in mind, also, that Bloomingdales (and maybe Nordstrom) are good at price matches. So if you print out the deal online, you can bring it into the store, show it into a SA and get the same deal!
  12. link?
  14. hmm, that didn't work for me
    I'll keep trying
  15. no spaces between site:neimanmarcus.com
    space after com, space after Best
    works like a charm..if spaced right..good luck!