YSL Muse ok for School??

  1. helloooo, I have one more semester left and want to treat myself to a fab bag that will take me into my career. I am originally planning to buy a Lockit Horizontal by LV as I like the shape and it's very chic...then I stumbled upon the Muse..I like it as well as it's very low key and I think it's a less maintenance bag.

    Anyway do you guys think that the muse will be able to handle textbooks and maybe a laptop?? Also..I'm thinking of a Large...what do you guys think??

    I'd appreciate suggestions! thanks!
  2. I'm thinking yes. But not too many text books and judging that your laptop will not be heavy.

    Why don't you buy a muse and try it out at home.

    The LV Lockit Horizontal bag is nice and seems more sturdier than muse.
  3. I don't think the YSL muse is cut out for school; it just doesn't seem sturdy enough IMO. I would be afraid that my laptop and books would either warp the leather/shape or even cause the threads to come undone. I think its a super cute bag, but not the best choice for school. it would be great for work later on i think though!
  4. I have an xL Muse bag and I must say she is really roomy if you have loads of things to chuck into the bag, but not sure about laptop. she is really sturdy! I still carry her every now and then..(sorry, I love switching between new bags..)
  5. I have an XL muse and I think it would be fine for school, unless you are in Med or Law and have XL textbooks ;)
  6. thanks guys! I don't have any designer boutiques near me (closest one is a 2 hour flight..lol) so I trust in your advises. My main concern was that the muse may not be sturdy enough for a notebook and a laptop which is kind of heavy and I am afraid that the straps may not be able to handle it along with my other purse items. Thanks everyone! i may just stick to a LH.
  7. the muse is quite heavy. If you were going to stuff it I think it would be difficult to tote around in school

  8. IMO, i wouldnt suggest muse for a school bag, you cant put too many things(unless you get the oversized) because it will somehow lose it shape,it doesnt look bad but it kinda looks expanded a little thats what happened to my muse i placed too many things than its only capacity,plus it very sensitive with water, theres one time someone accidentally splashed water the bag absorbed it it looks like a dark stain but very unnoticable,unless you look at it 5 inches from your face. and it has very short width so your all your things inside pile up.:sweatdrop:

    but at the end of i love my muse very much its one of the bags i always use:yes:

    id say go for the LV lockit for a school bag;) ;)
  9. I have an OS muse and I use it for college. Granted I dont carry that many textbooks with me but I still get quite a lot into it. It really depends on how heavy the stuff you are going to be putting in the bag are, so far I have had no problems even when my bag has gotten full and heavy. In fact I have found it be very durable, I once got stuck in the rain and my bag got soaked but it dried nicely and 7 months on it still looks brand new. Goodluck!
  10. Nothing personal guys, but why on EARTH do any of you use your fine designer bags for a school tote?? They do make computer bags for laptops and nice totes for text books. Why ruin a nice handbag by cramming it full of things clearly not intended for a handbag??

    Here's a great Dior computer case. Prada makes them too. http://www.bluefly.com/pages/products/detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=2046552329&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=1131&N=933&Ne=500000&Nu=Product+ID&Ntk=all&Ntt=computer+bag&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial
    These puppies WERE designed to take the weight of laptops (and to protect them) and textbooks. Please guys, be nice to your good handbags and get a proper case for other things....

    Sorry, I'm on my soapbox today about this. I keep seeing this theme in all the designer subforums and it makes me crazy!:push:
  11. I think one of the reasons girls choose to use their handbag for school related reasons is because otherwise the bag would NEVER get used! Think about it. If you were a student all you would ever carry is a bookbag! It personally think it's rather cumbersome to carry a bookbag AND a purse. Honestly, if I was a college student I'd want to buy a purse that was cross functional - that way I'd get to use it and adore it every minute of the day.
  12. That is exactly it with me, I'm out and about before my classes and after, so I use the same bag for college as well as going out. If I didnt do this i would never use any other bag.
  13. I use my XL muse black for school. I like that i'm getting MAXIMUM use out of it...it looks good and it carries a lot of STUFF..:smile:
    go for it!

  14. LOL..well this last semester I had to use TWO bags: LV Speedy and a Jansport Back pack or a hawaiian print tote to carry my books and laptop. and gosh that got heavy. LOL.
  15. I have an Apple Macbook 13.3" & want to get the ivory Muse in Large - tested it in the shop & it fits perfectly (luckily Macs are light!) maybe good for exam time when you don't carry too much stuff?