YSL Muse, Miu Miu Coffer or Balenciaga??

  1. Hey ladies,
    I am brand new to this forum and I would say I am brand new to designer handbags too! Several years ago I bought a few LV, gucci and dior bags, because I was so influenced by the monograms they make, at that time I thought only items with obvious logos on them are designers'! I know I was very :tdown:! Until recently I found this forum, I soon fell in love with it! I think my taste has since grown up a bit:yahoo:, I found a great designer bags are the ones that won't fade and its trend will last for a long time! Yes Classic, i mean classic items! Plus I dont have much money, so I think if I can spot 2-3 classic bags and save for them every year, then I will be feel absolutely top banana! This year I bought a Fendi patent B-bag in white, and a YSL rive gauche, I am thinking to add another one to this year's budget. So here I am asking you guys about the above 3 bags. I love all of them:heart::heart:So Which one would you get? Which one do you think is classic? Pls share your opinions ladies!~:tup:
  2. I really like all three and think that they will all be classic bags. How could you go wrong with a black B-bag? I do have to say though that I love the large muse in dark brown :girlsigh:, talk about a classy, classic bag, but that is just IMHO. Welcome to tPF!
  3. Yves St. Laurent Muse Bag is very classic.
    I like some Balenciaga handbags, but i see all them too big to be classic ( sorry i don't know well this designer )
    Miu Miu coffe :sad: no, i don't like.

    ciao !
  4. definitly a balenciaga, the leather is tdf!
  5. I hope that I won't offend anyone...but I had the Muse...and found it to be uncomfortable on my shoulders. I would go for the Balenciaga...so light and wonderful!!!
  6. I'll vote for the YSL Muse. I have a chocolate large size and think is is definitely going to be a classic.
  7. My vote goes to the Miu Miu Coffer!!!!!!
  8. Definitely the Balenciaga if I have to choose between those three....
  9. thanks girls for your opinions!! I still can't decide, i love the classic feel of the muse, the nappa leather of the coffer,and the versertile B-bag!
    Plus I found a dark brown oversize muse which costs $780, so tempted!! but i'd not be impulsive so i hold back!~~~ I am 5'6 tall and want a bag that is easy and classic to carry all the time!~~~~*Sigh* decisions decisions!!:tdown:
    any more thoughts girls? would highly appreciate!!~:heart:
  10. for me, miu miu coffer. i am in love with that bag.

    but seriously all beautiful bags. sorry i can't help! :p