YSL Muse Medium

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  1. This is on my wish list now. I called everywhere for the white muse medium and no one seems to have it. Although I love my paddy, it's heavy and I'm getting tired of it. The muse seems to go with everything and the white looks perfect for summer!

    Anyone have one?
  2. I remember someone bought the large one and returned it, can't recall who though. They said the white had a little tinge of yellow tint to it....the last med whi one I saw was at my NM in Scottsdale Az if you want to give them a call. They might have it still. I was there abt 2 wks ago. HTH!
  3. sweetsparkle, have you tried calling the YSL boutiques in NYC? I'm pretty sure I saw a white medium in the one on Madison Avenue last Wednesday.
  4. Sweets, Try to call NM at Houston Galleria. Last time I was there I saw the white Muse and it looks a large size. I also bought a large white muse and returned. Good luck!
  5. OOps..if you looking for a medium, ugh I am not so sure they have it but it worths to try if you really wanted that bag bad.
  6. Thanks! I will call asap :smile:
  7. Sweetsparkle,

    It's available at Neiman Marcus in Bevery Hills. Ring them up quick. =)

    9700 Wilshire Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA310.550.5900

  8. According to the SAs at YSL boutique in SCP, their buyer didn't get the White Muse in Medium (not available in all YSL boutiques in US). Saks.com has just sold out of White, the Black one is still available.

    Sweetsparkle, call the NM in BH when the store opens tomorrow morning, you should be able to get it. Good luck. =)
  9. Oh thanks! I will certainly call as soon as it opens. Thank goodness I live in Manhattan....so I could get a head start :biggrin:
  10. Goodluck!
  11. ysl store in chicago had the white in medium when i went last fri! get it while its still there! the muse is gorgeous!
  12. I have a brand new white medium. My Saks S/A sent it to me when they were having the GC promotion, just so I could try it and if I didn't like it I could return it. I actually DO like it, it's so cute, but I'm going to return it (I have the oversized black). Let me know if you (or anyone) wants it.
  13. So sweetsparkle,

    Did you wind up finding one?
  14. hi daisy! did you return your ysl medium muse? i am actually looking for one...

    i can't believe i just saw this thread!!! :censor:
  15. I have the white (it's not a stark,stark white which is nice) in the medium. It's a sweet bag! You'll love it!