YSL muse medium?

  1. how much is it? can u wear it as a shoulder bag? does anyone have a picture with it? thanks!
  2. I think it is $1095. It is kinda small for me and I am 5'7. I think it can be worn as a shoulder bag.
  3. what about the large? how much is it and can u use it as a shoulder bag as well?thanks
  4. Large is $1295, I think. And, yes, this one definitely can be worn as shoulder bag. Also, regarding the muse, apparently you can attach a shoulder strap to the rings on either side of it and wear it as a messenger. When I went to the outlet labor day weekend, the store was displaying the men's muse with shoulder strap. IMO, the medium will be perfect with a shoulder strap. However, ysl does not sell the shoulder strap separately.:crybaby:
  5. I had bought the medium ivory muse a while back. I am 5'2" and the medium is big for me. So, it is on its way back to BlueFly.
  6. I bought the ysl patent medium muse in black last week in chicago! I love it, and would definately recommend it size wise, it is perfect! And it definately fits ver your shoulder! Mine was $1095 and I belive ethe non-patent is 1195!
  7. Amywilliams - how tall are you?
    I am so torn between the medium and large.
  8. I am 5"6, and I use it for school, and I fit pencilcase, notepad, pens, calculator, etc...all the essentials well, but it depends how much you want to carry! I think the size looks great, I suppose it depends on whether you would like a bigger bag! What would you be using it for?
  9. amywilliams- u think its a good bag for work? I just think it doesnt look vulgar coz there are no monograms. but size-wise do you think a medium will be good for work? I'm just 5"2 though so I dont know if I'll have the same problem as lhasalover
  10. I prefer smaller handheld bags. I really wanted a baby muse but they don;t make them any more. The ivory muse is gorgeous and I got it at a great price. But, it would not stay on my shoulder. And it felt too big to be on my arm or handheld. So, I sent it back.
  11. does anyone know what size this is? I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is 5"2 and this size looks perfect on her.
  12. ^I think it`s O/S.
  13. do u mean oversize?
  14. yes, oversize...
  15. wow that actually looks like a pretty good size..how much is the oversize?