YSL Muse Lock measurement

  1. Hey,
    I'm pretty sure that I bought a fake on eBay and the seller is asking for proof because she says she bought it from a mypoupette seller. However, she does not have any feedback. I'm quite sure some of the pictures are stolen in her listing because I think the lock on my bag is too big, among other things. The lock is 1.5 inches long and the bag is a 18 inches across. Here are some pictures.
    The pictures I believe to be stolen are of the interior, tag, and keys.

    serial # 153959 213317
    muse outside.JPG muse keys.JPG muse interior.JPG muse bottom.JPG muse tag.JPG
  2. My O/S muse has a lock that's 1.5 inches and it's 18" long. It does have the old fashioned lock with one key. I have another Muse that has multiple keys but they are all engraved YSL.
  3. It seems that everything is right with the bag except for the fact that the leather quality is complete crap. I'm returning it tomorrow.