YSL muse leather types and colour differences. please help

  1. Hi guys!

    I've just bought a ysl muse

    eBay.au: YSL Muse LARGE White (item 320028388284 end time 20-Sep-06 06:58:21 AEST)

    and just received it. I've asked authencity questions on the forum before and the bag has checked out alright by members.
    i've just received it and to my surprise its rather white. i expected more of a creamy white.. colour like some of the photos. but the bag is pure white white. like in the pictures.

    are there different leathers for the muse that make the white colour seem off? there are pictures of kate moss' muse which i just found out its ostrich leather. and its pretty yellowish.

    are they different? is the buffalo leather creamy as well?

    Please help!

    also... is it me or is the metal hardware a bit dark as well?
  2. The only things I noticed was the YSL tag inside seems to be sewn differently than on my bag from the YSL boutique. Also this one from eBay has stitching different from mine. The area I'm speaking of is where the stud is that holds the small square of leather where the handle's rings are located. The eBay bag appears to have 5 stitches and my bag has 6 stitches. These stitches are sort of on a slight slant on my bag and are very horizontal on the eBay bag.

    Oh, I also see that the leather that holds the key is very short. On all Muse bags I've seen pictures of the key goes almost to the edge of the bottom of the bag.

    I'm just giving my interpretation... there could be good reasons for all these discrepencies... maybe they are common ... ??