YSL Muse interior

  1. Hello everybody, I have a question and I would much appreciate your help!

    Does the interior of the Muse change depending on size? Or the inside compartments are standard?

    Also, I would like to know something about the colour of the interior of the white Muse: is it standard, or it can be either black or white?

    I'm sorry for the nuisance, it's just that there's no YSL retail where I live and I'm trying to figure out as much from a distance!

    Thank you in advance!
  2. I'm not sure, but you should try calling the YSL store. The one in NY (the Madison Ave. boutique) is extremely helpful. Its number is 212-988-3821.

    I have a black oversized and its interior is black satin, if that helps.
  3. almudena, I own all three sizes, in various colors, and I checked all of my bags.

    The back zipper pocket changes size depending on the size of the bag. It basically spans the entire back length of the bag, so the smaller the bag gets, the smaller the pocket gets. All three sizes have a cell phone pocket.

    My Black and Metallic Anthracite Muses have black satin interiors.

    My Chocolate Brown and White Muses have a dark brown satin interior.

    If you see a Muse with a white interior, it's a fake.
  4. My chocolate Muse has a chocolate brown satin interior.
  5. Ditto my choc oversize
  6. Ladies,

    Thank you very very much for your responses, they have been most elaborate and helpful!
  7. Was planning on purchasing a chocolate muse. With all of these sales looming, do u think it's going to be included in the sale?
  8. I seriously doubt that the Muse is going to be included in any of the upcoming sales. You can try calling Neimans, Saks, etc. to double check, but it seems highly unlikely to me.
  9. They are pretty hard to come by...but if you get any type of skin such as Ostrich or Croc...the interior is the softest Dark Brown Lambskin (I'm sure depending on the color)...the interior is GORGEOUS...I bought one for my mom in the Medium Muse!
  10. I very briefly owned the Oversized Chocolate Brown Ostrich Muse and I seem to recall the interior as being satin, just like the regular leather Muses.
  11. ^ are you serious?? i'm so jealous, i've been dying for the oversized chocolate ostrich muse--that is seriously my dream bag right there.

    the oversized exotics (ostrich/croco) have a satin interior, the large/med have lambskin interior. sucks, the oversized should have it too! :rant:
  12. Yes, I'm sad to say I am serious. I had to return it due to some unexpected events. The funds had to be used for other purposes so I had no choice but to return the Muse. I still think about it. It was gorgeous; absolutely TDF. I do have four other Muses that I love though, just no Chocolate Brown Ostrich.
  13. I am not so sure in the oversized Ostrich Muse, but I am 100% sure that the one my mom carries does have the Lambskin lining...not the satin...that might be b/c the oversized one is meant to hold a lot more...maybe the designers thought that the Lambskin lining would be ruined??? I am not sure for the reason, but I definitely know on this bag!:rolleyes: It's gorgeous!
  14. Hi,

    Does anybody know how many cell phone pockets does the Oversized Muse has? Because I saw some has 1 and some has 2.

    Thanks a lot!
  15. one only yu_c :smile: