1. hey ladies, :flowers:

    to get away from the unbearable heat today, i walked into my "sanctuary" aka- Saks NYC..haha...and there, i saw the YSL MUSE BAG in ORANGE. i thought it looked stunning. the SA was a bit inexperienced, so she didnt know much....so i figured who better to ask but the ladies on this forum! hehe...

    does anyone know what the NEW colors of the MUSE bag is for F/W 2006?
    also, what do you guys think of the orange color? i am debating between the orange and the chocolate.

    thanks girlies!
  2. Wow!! Orange? Could u take a pic? We can then help u decide..I have the chocolate, but would really love to see it in orange bc I'm looking to buy another one in a diff. color! Thanks!!:yahoo::heart:
  3. Ohh That's exciting. How does the color look like? Is it bright or brown orange? It sounds like another nice color for Muse.
  4. [​IMG]


    here are the pics of the ORANGE MUSE. i got the pictures from another thread i found, posted by beauxgoris!
    0005.JPG 0006.JPG
  5. That is stunning!
  6. THAT BAG IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL, MISS ALICE!!! It's hard to say which one to get. The chocolate color is so classic but the orange is very pretty too & you can definitey wear it in the fall & spring! I would get the orange if I didn't already have an orange Gucci tote. It's really pretty!!! The chocolate color is almost a black. I guess it just depends on what ur wardrobe is like & what color your other purses are!
  7. Love the orange!
  8. That is TDF :love:
  9. ooooh, me likey that, ALOT :biggrin:
  10. I like the orange, it's not too bright.