YSL muse in Gray blue

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I need your help. I am going to NY in early May (I am from Toronto) and I wanted to buy the YSL muse in Gray blue, I have already inquired with Bergdorf and Saks and none of them have it...yet. However, the Saks rep told me that they might not get it in that particular colour. I was wondering if I need to get on a waiting list or something to get that bag. I have no clue how this works so please help me :smile:
    Thank you!
  2. Hi and welcome to TPF!
    I suggest you email YSL directly (look at ysl.com for their email address) and ask them to locate the gray-blue muse for you. You can also call the ysl stores in NYC to see if they have one available during your visit.

    Please post pics of your muse in the YSL subforum!
  3. Also, Neiman Marcus has (or had) this bag; you may want to call them and ask them if they can ship it to you. 1.888.888.4757

    After my earlier post, I remembered the YSL site will only ship to the US. Sorry about that! Here's the link to the US store locator:
  4. Post this in the YSL forum -you'll get more info over there. :flowers: