YSL Muse in Biscotto???

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  1. Has anyone chked out the Biscotto color in the Muse bag? It's like a deep tan. You can also find it on the YSL website. I bought it in large size but am now not so sure about the color as the chocolate brown seems like the hot thing. Except that I already have my Gucci in a darkish brown....someone please suggest.
  2. I actually LOVE the biscotto color. I was debating between that and the Rive Gauche (ultimately went with the Rive). I think that the biscotto color is more unusual, not as many people have it and it has a very refined and elegant look to it. plus, you can really see the details of the leather grains with the biscotto color and not as much with the chocolate. i also think biscotto is slighly more season round than the other colors....
  3. Hahhh.....feel a lil better now....you know the post purchase blues??? Coz I mostly see all celebs carrying White (but that gets dirty fast) or black. Lately more ppl going for the Choco brown. The lady at the store kept insisting how this is the IT color of 2007. I finally did carry it to work today after storing it in my wardrobe with half mind to exchange for diff color. But it looked great and you're rite it looks refined and yet not boring like the blacks.

    Which color did you pick your RG in? I think it's a really really awesome bag....it feels great and goes with just bout everything...from suits to jeans to dresses. I bought the black and can't get my hands off it!!!
  4. I got the RG in grey and loooovvveee it! I live in New York so was so paranoid about carrying it through the subways because i was so afraid of nicking the leather....it's great, looks good with anything!
  5. I love this color :smile:
  6. I love the color. It looks great.