ysl MUSE in animal? leopard?

  1. i am new here and just LOVE reading all the posts!
    i am just getting into LOVING the muse bags i see on line can you tell me if thre is any that is in leopard or any animal print/fur....I WOULD GO CRAZY......thanks for welcoming me!


    (i have collection of designer bags from years ago but want to slowly add...have some coach and vintage gucci)
  2. There is Snow Leopard and Leopard ponyhair. The Leopard is sold out to the best of my knowledge. They're both GORGEOUS...The Snow Leopard is more gorgeous than the regular Leopard.
  3. I love Muse in Snow Leopard, it's absolutely TDF. =)
    You can try calling a YSL boutique or department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, or Saks. Good luck. =)
  4. If you are interested in Snow Leopard Muse, call YSL South Coast Plaza. Their number is 714-429-0101.
  5. The SA's there are really nice so make sure you call!!! And they also have some pretty cool things on sale right now!!!