YSL MUSE hardware - help!

  1. hi there!

    i just received my choco oversize muse today and i love it!!! the hardware on the bag, however, looked a lil dull...not rusty but...very dull!!!

    is this what they are suppose to be like? or did i get a bad shipment? please help thanks!
  2. Where did you purchase yours from? My hardware is more of a brushed gold color. Somewhere between brass and gold.
  3. hey beauxgoris, i would say mine is between a brass and gold too i suppose...i got it from Nordstrom but had to have it shipped to me since my Nordies didnt carry it.

    i mean the fact that its not shiny doesnt bother me, cuz i think itd look bad if it was shiny, but it almost seems antique looking? i think its nice, but just wanna be sure that that IS what its suppose to be like.

    THANKS for ur help!
  4. ^^No problem. Yup mine looks like that too. I'm glad it's not bright and flashy either. The muted metalic goes with the bag well, no?
  5. yeah i think so :yes: just wanna be sure tho ;)

    what size do you have?:love:
  6. Your description of the hardware is accurate. It is definitely not supposed to be "blingy" gold. It has a bit of a worn look to it.

    Congratulations on your new bag. I hope you get lots of wonderful use out of it.

  7. ^^I have the XL in chocolate. It's my favorite bag I purchased this year.
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. Jacquelinez, congrats! =)
    As for the hardware, the ones I saw are like that. Maybe, you can post pics? =)

  9. Same here! :love: Congrats Jacquelinez!!...enjoy your new baby!
  10. thanks guys! will post pics as soon as i stop being so lazy :smile:!

    just wondering - when do you guys most often carry around your muses (work, shopping, eating out...)?
  11. i carry my muse everywhere... i have black oversized... :biggrin:

    the first of many!
  12. ^^I use my XL chocolate everywhere i go. Work - grocery shopping - errands - dinner out - the movies - anywhere/anytime i've rocking the Muse!
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