YSL Muse,fauve and Yris?

  1. I have to admit I am so dumb at remebering those style names for bags. After making several calls, I got the following information:

    Muse bag is the only style comes with oversize bag which is very popular.Oversize one is around 17"x13"
    Yris bag is the one with braided leather ont he front and bag and has two buckles at each side. And it doesn't have size difference,only with one size which is 18"x11".Also it comes with a detachable should strap.
    Fauve bag is the one with suede piping and has "Y" shape looking from either side. It also only has one size which is 18"x11". It has a detachable shoulder strap as well.

    So if I am wrong with the info,pls correct me.:idea:
    Also has anyone tried on fauve or Yris.What is your take against the Muse oversize?:lol:

    thank you so much!