YSL Muse Diaper Bag Worthy?

  1. Does anyone think that a Muse would work for a diaper bag? I wanted to get a new one and really like the Muse- plus there looks like an authentic one on ebay...so what do you think?
  2. Gosh I wanna see pics, I haven´t seen one!
  3. I was wondering the same thing. The shoulder strap isn't all that long though for coats in the winter and I think a Diaper bag should always be comfy on the shoulder. With babies, you just never have a spare hand to carry anything but the baby or babycarrier. It is nicely structured though, so things wouldnt be thrown about. Hmm. Interesting to hear if anyone has tried the Muse for a diaper bag.
  4. I originally had ordered a Lg Muse in chocolate but my SA messed up & sent me an Oversize Muse in the chocolate. When I first looked at the Oversize, I thought it was way too big for me esp to use as an everyday bag so that's why I had decided getting the Lg, but now that I have the Oversize in my possession, I'm warming up to the idea that it's not so bad esp since I have a 9mo. old son. When I tote him around, I usually carry a Burberry diaper bag (its messenger style, same one featured in purseblog under diaper bags) & put my wallet & lipstick in it too. Now I'm thinking the Oversize would be perfect for me to use as a purse & as a "diaper bag" so to speak. That way I could get more use out of my bag instead of just using it when I don't have my son around, which is very rare these days.

    My SA is sending me the Lg, & I'll get it in a few days so I can compare to see which one I like better, but right now I'm leaning towards the Oversize bc I think it is a good size to put all of my son's belongings (diapers, toys, sippee cup, wipes, etc) & my wallet & lipstick in & still look chic & stylish. I'll let you gals know what I think when I actually put his stuff in it whether its practical or not. :heart:
  5. I think an oversize Muse would make a hot diaper bag! Much better than the diaper bag I lugged around!
  6. wow moviegirl! u'll be one stylish hot mama toting around one of the hottest "it" bags as a diaper bag!!! u don't see that too often! u'll have jaws dropping for sure! HOT HOT HOT!!! luv the idea!!!! :roflmfao:
  7. thanks peanut!!! i've been using it a lot lately & I LOVE IT!!! It fits everything that I need for my son in it & very well I might add! Just to give you an idea of what I have in it right now..I have his sippy cup, his 3 toys w/ links, an extra set of clothes, bib, burp cloth, 3-4 diapers, diaper wipes w/box, diaper changing pad, hand sanitizer, lotion, his milk bottle which is in its own cooling pouch, my wallet, fendi makeup bag, cell phone & my sunglasses w/ case. Whew!!! Thats a lot of stuff. I have to admit, it gets heavy but what diaper bag wouldn't be w/ all that stuff in it. I love the inside pouch bc thats where I keep my stuff separated from his. The inside pouch is really roomey inside too!!!

    I love my MUSE as a diaper bag!!! IT's HOT HOT HOT!!!:love: :love: :yahoo: :nuts: :wlae: :cutesy:
  8. HOLY COW!!! that's a lot of stuff! kudos to you for showing us all that u can still be a mom and ultra stylish at the same time!! u have inspired me to use my chanel reporter as a diaper bag for when i have my baby too! :wlae: :wlae:

  9. WHATEVAH's!!! You'll probably wind up getting the LV diaper bag, the mini monogram one that LV sells & you'll get the GUCCI baby carrier too like Gwen Stefani's!!! You'll be the one that's stylin'!!!!:heart::P:graucho:
  10. :roflmfao: ur most definitely right! :roflmfao:
  11. Yes, i'm also thinking of getting this bag in white and have a 10 month old so i was thinking it could be great for all the baby stuff. oversized or large?
  12. is the xl muse heavy? i used to use LV uzes as a diaper bag but then i switched to balenciaga work size since the bag is lighter.
  13. I think it would make a hot diaper bag, but I personally would probably be more inclined to look at other brands of actual diaper bags. I don't know... granted, Im not a parent but the thought of using my Muse as a possible poop recepticle just isn't appealing.
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: