YSL Muse Colors - Help Needed!!!

  1. Hello everyone~
    I tried logging onto the YSL official website but it seems to be under maintenance.
    There is no YSL boutique anywhere near where I live, do u know what colors are available for the Oversized Muse besides the black and ivory?
    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!! :p
  2. i only know about patent leather OVERSIZE MUSE, there are patent black and ivory, croc embosses patent black and ivory...
  3. Don't know if you are looking for current season or past season bags. In past seasons, I have seen olive, burnt orange, burgundy, oak, dark brown, metallic gold and silver. You may be able to find some past season items at outlets.
  4. I've bought the black patent croco-print yesterday. The oversize muse has comes in Navy Patent as well. There are still other colors in leather and croco leather as well in Hong Kong.
    _MG_3049.jpg YSL Muse Bag 013.jpg
  5. ^--- oh dear! Navy patent?! I have never seen it. Hmmmmm.......
  6. Did you get it in os or large. I really want that bag.
  7. It's the large size, which is perfect!

  8. More bags
  9. I just got one crocodile emboss in navy patent in medium size in Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, $1395. I got the last one of ....2. Sold out in 4 days.:tup:I love it.Will post the pic
  10. ^---- oh my! I will be anxiously awaiting those pics! She sounds GORGEOUS.
  11. I'm thinking about os ivory BUT it look a little bit too big and meduim too small as I am a big bag girl :wondering anyone got a large muse and os muse pics to compare.