YSL Muse Color

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  1. Hello! I am thinking about adding a YSL Muse bag to my collection and am debating on the color...I usually tend to go for colorful bags but am leaning towards basic colors like black or white for the Muse since it's such a classic bag...What do you gals think? I also saw this deep yellow/brown color on the Saks website:

    Yves Saint Laurent - Muse Medium Zip Top Bag - Saks.com

    I look forward to your comments!!!

  2. Love the ocra colour.
  3. I have the dark chocolate-yummy
  4. i love the patent white and patent black on oversized one. you can dress it up and dress it down!!
  5. I have the OS but they call it biscotti. Love it.
  6. I have the Ocra or Ochre - not sure which now - in patent leather. It's a gorgeous color and lends itself to a lot of outfits. Also the gold hardware looks particularly beautiful against this color - it can look a little harsh against the other shades. I looked at all of the other colors IRL (including a stunning emerald green ostrich) and I would say the other stand-out is the dark chocolate.
  7. I love my black oversize leather muse bag. The shape is classic and the color can match any colors.:yes: