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  1. Which do you prefer: Chocolate or Black for the Muse?
  2. Hm. I like both, but I voted for chocolate.
  3. I voted chocolate, something about it appeals to me more. But i do like both :love:
  4. Picked Chocolate and I have a Chocolate. My intial choice was going to be black but, I have so many black handbags it's not even funny! The chocolate on the Muse is such a beautiful rich color that I think it's the best choice.....black, while it is beautiful, just seems boring.
  5. I always seem to be the odd man out when it comes to polls... lol ... I prefer the Muse in black. I think it is more classic.
  6. I agree with Kat.

    Go for black.
  7. Definitely the chocolate brown...
  8. Chocolate! It's beautiful, but aren't you getting a chocolate edith too? I forget. :oP If you have a choco edith, I'd get the black.
  9. I was having the same problem, but went with the Chocolate and love it! Here's a pic, maybe it'll help you decide :worried:

  10. Chocolate! Black is very nice too but the Choc is just that much more special, IMO coz it's pretty dark and can masquerade as black under some lighting. I thought you were condisering white or choc?? What about the white made u decide against it?
  11. I love chocolate!!
  12. ^^I haven't made a decision yet. I'm thinking now of maybe getting the white for summer - and the new orange (hermes orange) Muse in the fall!
  13. Pelinaka - thanks for posting a photo. Your chocolate was more brown than I thought the color was - I think maybe it was the flash though that made it look lighter, yes?

    The reason I was choosing between the white and chocolate is because you can order both now - and find them. I can't seem to track down a black XL muse! :sad:
  14. Beauxgoris, you should get black if it's your top choice.

    As of today, (unless someone just bought it) XL Black is available at Nordstrom in San Diego (CA; Fashion Valley Mall). Call Jenn at 619.295.4441 extension 1250 (Handbag department).
  15. ^^Thanks for the info!! I"m calling FIRST thing in the morning.

    Since Nordies is so good about returns - I don't feel too scared to purchase.

    I'd just like to see them choco/black/ivory IRL - to decide!
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