YSL Muse - Black or Patent Black

  1. Please help me decide between the black or the patent leather black in the xl size - the patent leather can't be embossed, which is a bit of a bummer.

    $100 difference between the two.
  2. My vote is for black, it's a clasic!
  3. I agree! I think the patent will go out of style before the classic black will! I just got my Large Muse in white today and am loving it!!

    Let us know what you decide! =)
  4. Personally, I'm not too crazy about the patent. The black is a really beautiful leather.
  5. Black.
  6. And welcome to tPF :flowers: .
  7. I'm with the majority on this... black!
  8. Black is more classic whereas the patent is more trendy!
  9. black patent!!!!definitely!!!
  10. Black
  11. I have to vote for the Black leather. I personally have the large Muse in the black leather and I really like it. The leather isn't the kind that scratches up right away. I think in this style also, which is supposed to be a classic that the patent looks a little too trendy and somewhat downplays the "classic-ness" of the bag. Just my opinion.
  12. black in matte leather;)
  13. black!!!
  14. Black.

    I really didn't care for the patent Muse whatsoever. It will be out fairly quickly, but more than that, I thought it was just too much on such a large bag. I love the Muse but I thought the patent really detracted from the bag.
  15. i vote for the black. but i don't really like patent leather bags.