YSL Muse Bag

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  1. I have decided that I want a YSL Muse bag in black. I need a black bag and I think that the Muse is exactly what I'm looking for.

    Does anyone know if the handle drop on the large bag is the same length as the handle bag on the oversized (xl) bag?

    And how difficult is it to find the oversized bag? I checked online and Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bergdorf do not have the oversize bag available. Has anyone seen it available for sale in a store recently? Thanks!
  2. I don't know the exact length but I have played with all three sizes in person and the strap drop is much longer on the Large than the Oversized. Call the YSL boutique in Houston, they had several in last time I checked. 713-840-7006
  3. Thanks, Daisy! Do you have any trouble fitting either the large or the oversized over your shoulder?

    Do you personally think the large or the oversized looks better?

    I guess I'm a little worried that in person the oversized might be HUGE.
  4. I don't have the bag, just played with it at YSL. I gotta say though, although this bag "works" on celebs, I thought it looked really silly on me and in some of the pics I've seen. Love it on Kate Moss and Madonna...... but for an everyday bag, I think the Oversized looks silly on the average person. However, if you go down in size to the Large, it becomes just another bag, nothing out of the ordinary. It's the Oversized-ness that causes the spark yet I don't like it on me. That's my pickle with the whole Muse thing. I just can't quite jump on board. I *AM* tempted though... love the Oversized black on Jessica Alba and Madonna. While I love the white on Kate Moss, I don't think I'd do that color. See, I'm a spaz... can't make up my mind on that darn bag!
  5. Thanks, Daisy. I think this bag looks awesome on Jessica Alba and on Kate Moss.

    I'm looking for something that I can use for work and fit my laptop in, and I'm not sure if the large is large enough to carry papers and a laptop. Thoughts?

    I don't think the white would look very good on me so I'm leaning towards the black (plus, I need a black work bag in general). I guess it will just be a matter of trying both sizes on to see which one looks best (if the large even works for what I'm looking for to begin with).

    I'm hoping that when I see the bag in person I will either fall in love or out of love immediately.
  6. No, the Large definitely would not be large enough for a laptop and papers. The Oversized would be but I'm not sure the style and material would support such a heavy item. Hopefully you can see it in person soon!
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  8. The large is a great everyday sized bag. I get compliments on it almost daily. Some people don't even know its YSL, they just think it's a luxurious handbag. I can fit my large over my shoulder nicely. You won't be able to fit a laptop in it though because the opening isn't wide enough. Hope that helps!
  9. I wouldn't carry a laptop in it!
  10. I think the oversized is a good size if you have quite a bit of stuff to carry around with you. I wouldnt recommend you carry a laptop in it though, unless its really light.
  11. I own a black oversized muse and love it so very much. Although it's a bit bulky to carry around, its just too stylish to pass on. Black is already pretty low-key, why not add a little flavor w/ the oversized look?

    I know the YSL store @ South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA, has quite a few of them, give them a ring.

    I've attached a pic of my friend, me, and our purses. You can see how much more character the oversized muse has compare to the LV Epi (God forgive me):shrugs: . I guess you should really ask yourself what style you're more comfortable with, then pick the size! Good Luck!:yes:

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  12. wow, that muse looks awesome on you! How tall are you?
  13. Tks, messengerbaglover. I'm 5'8" & about 6' with heels in the pic.
  14. It looks fabulous one you! I'm about your friend's height so I think an OS would overwhelm me. But for you - perfect!
  15. any luck?