YSL muse bag- to keep or to go?

  1. Ladies, I need help. I bought my over sized muse few months ago and I don't know if I shd keep it or sell it off :shrugs: ? I'm afraid the style won't last for too long and I shd get rid of it now and trade for a classic timeless chanel bag. :confused1: :confused1:
  2. You can't go wrong with Chanel, imo. But, I do think the Muse has staying power.
  3. Apparently big bags are showing up in the spring lines too, so you have some time to commune with your Muse before having to decide.
  4. i think although yes chaanel is long term classis. i think so is the muse.. its not too over done and i think its a great looking bag
  5. Would you consider the muse as "classic"? When I bought this bag the SA told me it has a bit of vintage touch and the style for sure will last for many many yrs. Seriously, I really don't want to carry a bag knowing that the style will die out fast. If you ladies think it does have staying power, I will keep it. I love to hear more reviews. Keep the vote rolling! :flowers:
  6. you shoudl keep it cuz YOU like it. nto whether it has s taying power or not...
  7. i think it def has staying power. of course, that's my opinion and you should love your bag and if your heart tells you chanel, then chanel it should be! :heart:
  8. i love the ysl muse. keep it. i think it is very understated yet classy.
  9. I think most YSL bags have staying power....especially some of the more popular styles. Unless you really don't like it, keep it. Look at the Mombasa...people still hunt that one down. The Muse is chic, stylish, and understated. I don't think you can go wrong with that combo.
  10. I think the Muse MAY have staying power--certainly through spring, but I'm thinking of exchanging my large black one for a medium. I already have a medium in anthracite and thought the 2 sizes would be nice, but the large is too big, I think--and also heavy when full. Plus, I do think the more normal sized one does have a better chance of staying usable in terms of not having a dated look. I think the oversized bags thing won't last past next summer.
  11. Thank you so much for your opinion. I am keeping this baby muse! On the other hand I'd still be buying a chanel bag.
  12. Yes, that was going to be my suggestion; why not do both!? Keep your Muse AND buy your Chanel bag... :P (i admit freely to being a bad influence :whistle: )

    I do think the Muse is a classic, which is why I bought one. The shape is unique and a little edgy, but not unlike the Hermes Bolide which I think we can all agree has displayed staying power. Also, the details are not fussy or overdone which is very important for weathering the different styles of different seasons. I think our daughters will be asking if they can borrow this bag someday!
  13. For me definitely to keep! I think the style of the bag is timeless..
  14. Muse is a keeper!