YSL Muse bag.. I need help

  1. Hi everyone

    I decided today I wanted a YSL Muse bag in chocolate - I won the bag on eBay but I don't know how to authenticate them - it looks okay .. I asked the seller about the reciept and where she brought he bag , this is the anwer I got:

    ''Hi there nope didnt purchase the bag myself my ex boyfriend bought me it so dont have the receipt. It was bought from net a porter . com around two months ago im sure they are still on their site .Thanks for your interest ''

    I looked on net a porter and I dont see that they sell YSL bags -- do they ?? does anyone know ??

    Anyways I had put my best offer in before I had got the reply, as I as confident in the bag and got it for a great price, Please can you look at the auction for me before I pay and let me know what you think of the bag .. does it look authentic to you??

    Here is the link to the auction:


    Look forward to your reply

  2. I have shopped at Net a Porter for approx. 2 years .... never have seen YSL bags ..
    I got mine at Neiman Marcus, Saks and YSL Store at Bellagio in Vegas
    Ysl Purses2.jpg
  3. I have also never seen YSL at net-a-porter. sorry I couldnt be more help :smile:
  4. I would have loved to buy this bag if it was on NAP. But as far as I am aware NAP does not and has not stocked this bag.
  5. sorry Kimmy... just to add, the bag does seem cheap for the price. Hope its all okay.
  6. Hi

    Thanks for you comments - I really need to know what you think of the pics - does the bag look anuthentic - before I pay - I have never seen an YSl muse before - I don't know much about them

    . Please let me know what you think
  7. Call net-a-porter and verify that they sold YSL in the past as well as this style. Also, see if the seller could send you additional pictures of the hardware so we can confirm whether it is authentic. Post these pics in the authenticate this thread.
  8. Kimmy, I just replied to your pm.
    The tag on the inside of the bag looks off. I compared it to mines and it looks like the tag is missing the border around edges. I believe its a fake. Hope that helps.
  9. HI everyone..i'm new here and i'm so obsessed with MUSE..i'm looking for the RIGHT one..Anyway!Hey Kimmy,i was one of the bidder on this stuffs..but i'm not sure about the colour so i didn't go for it..there's another one here


    i'm thinking about purchasing it but still,not sure if it's 100% authentic...the thing is after browsing thourgh this website i think eBay is not safe at all.. =(

    G'luck to you Kimmy!
  10. Hi Kimmy,

    I have never seen a Muse on net-a-porter. When I looked at the auction I have to say that the bag set off some warning signs for me. The color seems off (chocolate is a warm deep tone rather than an "ash-like" brown), the dimensions look a bit off (it's rather oblong) and the keys stick too much out of their little satchel.

    Have you had a chance to go to a department store to see the real Muse? Bring yours with you to compare. Then you'll really be able to see. HTH!
  11. Hiya Girls

    I think you may be right about tghis muse ... therefore I am not going to go a head with the transaction -- hope I don't have problems with my ebay account because of it./.. I think I really need to do my research before I buy one...I am usualkly an LV girl and can spot a fake LV a mile away .. but its a different ball game with YSL .. I just don't have a clue.
  12. Net A Porter have never done YSL, wish they did because they are so hard to get where I am! I don't trust eBay, too much risk - would rather go to a boutique or department store where you can carry/inspect the real thing, it makes such a difference!
  13. kimmy, i am 110% sure that net-a-porter never ever sold YSL on their site. from looking at the ebay auction page, the bag really looks fake to me. from a distance, the leather looks cheap. and the shape looks really awkward.

    hopefully you won't have any problems on ebay - notify ebay that you have reasons to believe that this bag is fake.
  14. My goodness, you guys are amazing! The tag is way off now that I compared it to mine. You have a great eye for detail, Vixy! :yes: