YSL Muse and Mombasa questions

  1. Are there a lot of fakes of either or both these bags out there? What colours and materials do they come in?

    Thanks in advance for helping me with my research! :yes:
  2. Yes there are plenty of fake Muses and Mombasas around.
    But I suggest you go to "search" and type in "Muse". There are thousands of posts on it around here and you should find the information you are looking for. Good luck!
  3. Yes, it's better to assume that there are fakes out there.
    Tons of fake bags are sold at ioffer.com. Countless ebay sellers buy their stuffs from ioffer sellers & sell them to ebay buyers as so-called 'authentic' bags. Please be careful.
  4. Yea, you can never be too sure. I almost bought a fake mala mala bag on ebay...:sick: The seller never emailed me back so I was leaning more on the fake side. I've also seen a lot of fake mombasa bags on ebay.
  5. oh yeah! tons of fake Mala Mala and Mombasa bags. Makes me sad:sad: but glad I can sift through them:P !
  6. Really? are you sure about that? Have you seen or bought a real mombasa or mala mala bag?because I have. What makes you say they are fakes.
  7. I've seen tons of fake Muse bags, tribute bags, Downtowns, the occasional Vicciennes, but never a fake Mombasa. The horn makes it difficult. there are also a few fake Mala Malas floating around.
  8. Hello,

    Happy Halloween!

    I have purchased several Mombasa bags ( approximately 9+ ) from YSL and from eBay, never to have bought a fake. I have seen fake Mala Mala's...actually if you do a search for "replica Yves Saint Laurent bags" you can see what is being copied and so forth (of course this doesn't cover everything and all fakes) :heart: and have seen replicas of the Mala Mala, St Tropez and so forth, of those that have horn/horn-like handles...but never the Mombasa. I believe it is due to the handle being a naturally shed deer horn and how difficult this would be to replicate. Just a little thought. best wishes! :flowers:
  9. Opps...and I almost forgot. I have also seen relica YSL Vincennes bags (of which sort of have a horn-like handle as well). best wishes! :heart::heart::heart: