YSL Muse(?) $619 on Let-Trade!!!

  1. Hi,

    I'm totally new to the YSL forum but I just wanted to let you ladies know that there is a beautiful white YSL bag on Let-Trade's website. Is it the muse? It looks like a great deal! Someone get it before it's gone!

  2. what size is this muse???
  3. I have no idea - I'm not sure if its even the muse. I just wanted to bring it up being that (I think) $619 is a good price for a YSL bag. You can check it out on the website.

  4. yep it's the muse bag. i just got it. we'll see what size it is when it comes!
  5. yay!!!! :yahoo: Congratulations!

    I'm glad someone from tPF got it! Can you tell me if that's a good deal or not? What does a typical YSL bag usually run for? Whoohoo! I'm so happy for you!
  6. i don't know anything about resale value of the bag, but it's less than half the retail of the large muse. hopefully, it'll be a large!!!
  7. Yes, I hope it will be a large too. Please post pics when it arrives!
  8. arg. from the looks of it.. it looks like a medium.

  9. i've been researching these bags of late.. and thats a medium.. but still a GREAT sale.
    Is that site 100% safe?
  10. Thanks for the info on this site it will definately be having a re-visit from me :yes:
  11. Yes this site is DEFINITELY 110% safe. If you do a search in tPF for let-trade, you'll see that a lot of tPFers have successfully bought from him many times.

    You're welcome!!
  12. super cute!