YSL Muse @ $1046 + 20% off @ NM!

  1. Gone! Anyone here get it??
  2. :crybaby::crybaby:i managed to put in the order and was literally jumping for joy but when i checked the online order status, it said CANCELLED right away...
  3. So sorry that happened, Abi! Have you tried calling some YSL stores to see if they have any in stock? Try calling Nordstrom, too. Oh, also check BlueFly at odd hours of the night, they pop up once in a while.
  4. I can't decide whether NM online just has no regard for customer service or some sort of technologically antiquated system for their site which doesn't allow them to accurately keep track of inventory, because these types of order cancellations are common with them. Items are so often mislabeled or described incorrectly, too, that it makes me think they just don't have the cream of their crop involved in their online operations.

    I guess in some situations it's just because someone managed to complete their order a fraction of a second earlier than another customer, but I can't imagine that's the explanation for every one of their mix-ups. I know in some cases, customers have been sent something completely different from what they ordered online. It's always just so strange to me that such a premier retailer conducts business in this manner.

    Anyway, abi319, I hope you're able to track down an OS Muse for a comparable price!