YSL Monogram Olympia Reviews

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  2. I like their quilted camera bags in general...however, this one looked rather cheap when I ordered it from Matches (returned it of course). Also, it wasn't packaged well causing a dent on the side. I think their camera bags with the perimeter piping are less susceptible to that and will retain their shape better.
  3. I checked this out in the Saint Laurent store a few months ago and I agree that the quality was not up to par.

    The texture of the material was almost plasticky. I own a black YSL medium college bag, and there's no comparison in terms of material. Granted, the college is also twice the price! However, I also own the Gucci Soho Disco (a camera bag in this same price point) and the quality of the gucci soho disco leather feels much richer and higher quality.
  4. Thanks Everyone!
  5. I checked this out in Saint Laurent and the quality and look felt poor. Went with the Lou Camera Bag in quilted leather, it had a better look and feel.
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