YSL Monogram Fragments Card Case


May 7, 2007
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I just bought this card case in Sea Salt and I'm trying to put all my cards in it. I've got 5 main cards, and 6 rando cards, all 11 were in my conventional looking Chanel card case that only had 4 compartments. This one has 5 slots and a zipper but man, just the 5 main cards in the new card case are really hard to get extract when I need it. Does anyone have the fragment case? Is this going to get any easier or should I rethink this purchase? The card slots side is super thin leather without that beautiful quilting it has on the front.

Opinions and thoughts?
Aug 9, 2020
Well that is a bummer, hopefully you can get your cards to fit. I am mostly a Gucci gal, but YSL has been really fun and beautiful in their designs lately. I have been thinking of adding them into my closet.
I hope this case works out for you!!!!


Mar 15, 2011
I got this about a month ago, but I haven't really used it yet. It is smaller than I was expecting. I have a Prada card holder (no zip, just regular) and the card slots seem roomier on it than the SL. The leather on the card slots is pretty thin, so I think it will stretch some.