YSL Mombasa vs. Fendi B. Bag

Jan 10, 2006
Ok, I have now heard that Fendi is behind on their production of the B.bag--supposedly they're only making what's being demanded. And shipments are being delayed from late February/early March to mid-April... I'm sorta getting tired of waiting to SEE this thing IRL... But I've always wanted a Mombasa too.

What would you guys get--the large Mombasa in chocolate brown
(18" x11") or the "medium" Fendi B.bag in tan/black patent
(8"x13.5") just like what's depicted on NM's website?


Sorry--I don't have a pic of the Mombasa. it's that leather purse with the horn handle that Nicole Richie has. But I want the larger size. Thinking the B.bag might be a weird size. So what's the verdict?
Tough choice. I love them both! Well, The Fendi Bbag to me is a bag that I will only use for special occassions. The Mombasa is more of an everyday bag. It depends on what you're going to use it for. Hope this helps! Let us know what you decide.
The YSL outlet has some mombasa bags, or at least they did, maybe you could get the B. fendi and the mombasa? Was there one in particular you wanted? I know some are made of different materials with designs etc.
I saw the mombasa is very pretty and classic. Fendi B bag maybe more trendy than classic. Both are nice but it depends what look and style you are looking for.
Hmmm...tough choice!
Mombasa is more classical, despite the numerous discounted bags in stores.
The Fendi B is newer & trendier. This bag may last for 1-2 seasons. It's debut season alone has seen innumerable combinations. Fendi has really flooded the bag market with a myriad of choices for the B-bags.

Perhaps u can get BOTH - a discounted Mombasa AND a Medium B-bag?
IntlSet said:
Everytime I go to a YSL outlet I see the Mombasas.

Where are the YSL outlets? I've never seen one--I live in California... I want a LARGE Mombasa in chocolate brown leather. The YSL store closest to me (about an hour away) has it for $945, the dimensions are 18"x11"--I think that means it's longer than it's tall since you usually put height before width. The SA said it was a "hobo" style. I'm ok with an east/west style (wider than tall) too. Has anyone see a BIG mombasa at the outlets?
Here's the numbers I got off of another thread:

Here is the # for the woodbury commons outlet:

818 Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche (845) 928-2169

Here is the # for the cabazon outlet:

514 Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche (951) 922-8026
Addicted - Thanks for the numbers! I've been to Cabazon LOTS of times and I never realized that there was a YSL outlet, lol!

I'm leaning towards the Mombasa since it's something I've been craving for ages...