YSL Medium WOC

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  1. Good Evening Ladies,

    I am pretty new to YSL (I don't own a single YSL bag), and recently was looking at the medium WOC in Rogue Rose. I was wondering how many ladies have this bag in any color, and how they like it? I liked the size of the medium better than the small because my card holder, keys and phone all fit in it. I was not crazy about the length of the chain. It was a great length for a shoulder bag but slightly too short for wearing cross body. What are your thoughts? Things you love about the bag? Things that maybe would make you think about not getting it?

  2. I have this YSL Wallet in black with silver hardware, I’ve attached a photo of my wallet. I really love it. It fits my cards, cash, sunglasses, lipstick and a couple of keys. It’s great to put in your big bag for work, or going out for dinner or drinks at night. I recommend for moms as well, because it’s stylish and can have easy access to your essentials while running after the kids. :smile:
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  3. I have the exact same woc as Miss World and I love it. I will use the card slots for all my cards and put my cash and coins in the zipper compartment. I can fit in tissue paper, wet wipes, 1 lip product, keys and handphone. The chain is a bit short for crossbody so I normally use it as shoulder bag or clutch. If you are a crossbody person, maybe you need to reconsider.
  4. Thank you ladies for the input, I am still torn because I do like to wear a bag both shoulder and cross body. For me the Chanel Boy Bag is the perfect bag because I can wear it cross body and shoulder. I am going to go to the store today and play around with it
  5. Speaking of good YSL bags for moms, do you find the chain to be heavy/problematic? I'd been considering the WOC, but, one of the reasons I recently went with the all-leather Lou was because I was worried that with carrying small children, the chain would be dragging me down weight wise and snagging on little body parts/clothes. It's also VERY important that I can shove 1-2 pouches of applesauce/small bag of crackers inside, else it's mayhem when we go shopping :amazed::nuts::biggrin:

  6. I think you made the right choice with Lou. It’s a bit more spacious to carry treats in :biggrin: A leather strap is always far more comfortable than a chain strap. Although having said that I do not find the chain heavy or uncomfortable, some hrands have really chunky heavy chains, the YSL wallet doesn’t. :smile:
  7. Is there anywhere that makes replacement straps that fit the WOC? I’ve been searching for one that’s crossbody length. Since the chain is detachable, I would have thought someone would have made these!
  8. I had a Small then sold it because it was too small. Now I have a medium and it fits more essentials❤️
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  9. Personally, I don’t mind the short length of the larger WOC when worn crossbody. I think a lot of people are bothered by it because it doesn’t look as “fashionable”. I think the shorter length actually makes it easier to access your stuff, without having to curve your back to reach for things.