YSL Medium Downtown

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  1. Hello! This is my first post at this forum. I am glad that I have found so many YSL fans gathered here :P I have ordered a Medium Downtown Ombre Tote. However I am confused for its shape. I have seen many pictures of the same handbag but all of them have different shape. Has anyone bought that handbag? Is it hand carried or worn on shoulder? P.S I have used a photo taken from one member since when I saw it I was confused even more. Maybe it's just my idea I am not sure.Do you think that their shape looks different? Thanks



  2. Perhaps those are different sizes. Check out the Downtown thread in our Reference Library for lots of pics
  3. I think you have posted pictures of the downtown in both the medium and the large size. The medium (seen in pics 1 & 2) have a more square shape to it. The large is a bit longer in length.

    Downtown has a slouch look to it and the shape may change depending on how much stuff you place inside. Definitely follow cosmo's recommendation to look through the reference library in this forum. Best of luck!
  4. Where did you order it from? Are you sure it's not a knock-off? The downtowns I've seen have a square base and they are wide.
  5. I carry my medium DT on my shoulders and on my arms. it really depends on your body size and how much things you put in it. Enjoy your new bag!
  6. I have ordered it from Harvey Nichols website. The Reference Library was quite helpful. Now, I have to be patient until it arrives. Thanks everybody :smile:
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