YSL Medium Downtown - Colour Help!

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  1. I'm desperate for a medium downtown, but can't seem to decide on the colour. It's spring here in Australia so I'm thinking perhaps I should go for a lighter colour than the classic black. I already have a black Easy and a black Balenciaga Part Time. I came across this blue grey leather downtown which is quite an interesting colour. I imagine that I could carry it across the seasons. I love purple, but don't have a purple bag. But would this only be good for winter?

    FYI, I wear mostly neutrals like navy blue, grey, black, white, purplish/grey. I tend to dress up for work but am very casual on weekends and especially in summer.

    What are your thoughts?

    Blue grey (which is not on sale and quite pricey here in Australia), OR classic black OR violet (if I can find one).

    Your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    Pic of Kylie with her blue grey DT

    Pic of actual bag:

  2. i love blue grey - i think its a year-round color :smile:
  3. violet is great, and blue-gray is amazing, I personally would go for blue-gray...since you have awesome black bags
  4. I love the blue gray, but think the white/ivory is great too (especially with the gold hardware). YSL white is not a super bright white white, so it can be carried throughout the year.
  5. Go for the violet :smile:
  6. Haha, no consensus so far. Thanks, ladies!

    bubbleloba, funnily enough ivory was my first consideration. However, I thought trying to maintain a white bag would drive me nuts especially since I have two young kids. Very pretty though.
  7. I love the blue grey!!!
  8. I love the blue gray! I actually considered buying this color but decided not to because it would be too similar to my grey suede downtown. So pretty though. I must add that I would pick the violet over the black since you already have an array of lovely black bags. YSL does such lovely subtle colors that even their brights work as neutrals. Good luck with your search!
  9. Thanks, bextasy and jillvalentine!

    I'm still not sure! I'm moving back and forth between violet and blue gray. Still thinking, thinking.
  10. Another vote for the blue grey - I've seen one IRL and it's stunning and versatile!
  11. blue grey!
  12. Blue grey.
  13. I like the blue grey, but here's violet (i think) for visual comparison, and lizard grey is nice too.

  14. blue-grey, i've seen it on the muse, and i think it is one of the nicest colors of any bag i have ever seen!
  15. FYI, I have the green lizard embossed and love it (it's the small). Gets tons of compliments too. My vote is for the gray lizard embossed or blue gray. The lizard embossed gives it another dimension.