YSL Medium College Bag or LV Mylockme BB?

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YSL Medium College Bag or LV Mylockme BB?

  1. YSL Medium College Bag

  2. LV Mylockme BB

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been eyeing the Saint Laurent Medium College Bag in black but then recently noticed the LV Mylockme BB.

    I’m after a black day to night bag that I can use for travelling.
    I’m 5ft so the college bag strap is longer then the LV on me and can’t be adjusted but I do like the look of the college bag!
    LV probably a little roomier.

    Which one would you get? And why?

    Thanks for your help ladies!

    B495E5CD-01BA-4E0F-8743-81F4DB1A1B4E.jpeg A27DA440-EF3B-4CAE-8510-D25E77904887.jpeg
  2. Wow according to the photos I'm surprised that the LV one is roomier, I'd think the other way around.
    I think they are completely different, the Saint-Laurent bag that looks similar to Mylockme is Sunset.
    In terms of wearing, with Collège you can wear handheld or crossbody, while with the Mylockme you can wear on shoulder or crossbody, so it's already a significant difference to consider in my opinion and the choice depends really on your personal preference.
    Then in terms of style, I find the Collège edgier while Mylockme is pretty classic and timeless.
    Both are pretty, sorry for not helping much in your decision.
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  3. I have the large college and I love it. I like the fact that the shoulder strap can be detached so that gives lots of options how to wear the bag - I changed to completely another shoulder strap for more edgy look. Having said that, my vote goes to the medium college.
  4. Thanks for your help ladies!
    From memory I think the LV was slightly roomier because of the wider opening and the main section is bigger without the divider/middle zipper section that the college has. Both have a back pocket which I like.

    @ae888- I do like the look of the college slightly more but I’ve read some people has quality issues with saint laurent. Any issues with your college bag and have you had it for long? Love the large one but I was looking for a crossbody bag- sorry forgot to mention above!

    Thanks Fdc- so confused! But prefer the LV over the sunset because sunset also has quite structured divided compartment.
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  5. I understand, I myself hesitated between Loulou and College and still can't make up my mind yet, girls' problem lol.
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    There's quality issues with LV too, as with many brands. In this video, Sophie mentions issues she has with her MyLockMe.
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  7. Thanks for sharing the video. I actually saw Sophie’s following video that mention the Mylockme as one of her top crossbody bag!
  8. Lol I know what you mean. If the college strap was designed the same way as lou lous’s I think I wouldnt have hesitated buying it because I’m quite short.
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  9. I think it is her top crossbody bag because of the design. But the hardware is starting to show wear on her bag. I like the way both looks, but voted for the YSL because it has the handle. You should choose based on your style. YSL is more edgy and LV is more classy.
  10. The pro of Loulou is that you can wear it on shoulder too, unlike Collège.
  11. Thanks ladies for your help. I bought the college bag!
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  12. Congrats, can we see some mod shots ;)
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