YSL Maia

  1. There's one sitting in the YSL store waiting for me. Anyone love it?
  2. would love to see a picture...
  3. Dang. I'm trying to look for a picture. Can't seem to find one. Will post as soon as I find it.
  4. I did a search on google and this is what showed up...

    LOL LOL LOL...
  5. Hahaha!
    I have the catelogue and its here, but I don't have the equipment to scan the picture in. Anyone with Flash can access www.ysl.com and download the picture for me please?
  6. Got a picture!! US$1895. It's hailed as YSL's version of the Birkin. Really hard to get.

  7. I'm not sure whether I love it or not. It's pretty cute with those half bows there. I don't hate it but it's not a love either. I think it costs a lot for a straw bag though. But I'm a sucker for limited editions or things like that.. if you love it, you should get it!!
  8. I don't know how i feel about that bag either. Its a tricky one!
  9. i don't like it. i saw it in an add and the leather looked really plasticky.
  10. I've seen this bag in person--I was NOT impressed. It doesn't have the classic potential like the Muse or Mombasa to me...

    But you should get what you love.
  11. I don't like it...have seen it in many magazines without knowing that it was called Maia!. It's overly fussy,you probably won't get a whole lot of wear out of it.Plus it costs a fortune for what it is.

    I also really don't like the ad in which the model (? Mariacarla???) is wearing a skirt of the same fabric pattern as the bag!!!

    If you love it,get it,but don't be blinded by "limited edition" hype.
  12. It's pricey, I know....Sigh. But I did think it looked really cute IRL. I've never bought a non-leather bag for so much money before.
  13. Well Tammy if you really like it you should go for it!! That's what makes a bag great;being worn by someone who loves it :smile: