YSL lovers! Please post pics and your YSL hauls!

  1. That fushia lipstick looks gorgeous!

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  3. Sorry to hi-jack with a non-picture post, but has anyone tried the new touche eclat foundation? Thoughts?
  4. I can't wait for the Teint Touché Éclat foundation to be available in the US! Anybody have an idea of when that may be?
  5. I got a sample of the Teint Touché Éclat foundation and have been wearing it for the last four hours or so. There's only one word to describe how it looks and that is radiant. It's glowing in a fresh and natural way, not glittery, not shiny, just radiant. I love how it looks, but it does feel a bit sticky, quite lightweight though.

    UK ladies, they're giving out samples with a release date of 8th July.
  6. I just bought the glossy stains in #7 and 12. Love them!!!! They are amazing!!!


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  7. Received a sample of the Touche eclat foundation and bought a bottle. I really like it! It is lightweight but has coverage. It give a nice glow; even a Chanel makeup SA told me that it looked nice on me.

    Lots of colors to choose from. It is available now in the US. Go get a sample and give it a try. It may be just what you are looking for.

  8. So I checked out the new Teint Touché Éclat foundation, and I had to buy 2 bottles since I'm in between shades. Normally I don't do that but I loved how this looked on me when I used the sample for the past week.
  9. purchased 2 of the teint resist foundations and also the new teint touche eclat.

    honestly the teint resist is the superior of the two by far, and i can't fathom why they would discontinue it. it makes no sense for a makeup line to only have dewy foundations marketed for mature/dry skin and no semi matte/matte. i hope that one day ysl puts out another long-wear formula - because for longevity i haven't found anything better (and since learning it's being dc'ed i've purchased 5 bottles of different foundations as well as tried countless samples of others)
  10. i want to get YSL lip stain in 18 and 19...does anyone have these and how do you like them? thanks!
  11. i have #19 - i personally wouldn't say that 18 or 19 are representative of the product, for me the lighter nude ones are probably the worst out of the bunch (i have 2 other brighter colours).

    18 & 19 are less opaque and require quite a lot of layering to get the pretty colour you see in the tube, also they really settle into lip lines alot giving an uneven finish imo and don't stain the lips, which is the complete opposite of the more vibrant colours in the lineup.

    i wouldn't waste $34 again on it, i'd go with a similar colour in a true lipstick formula, i find the too faced la creme lip cream in naked dolly almost identical.
  12. This looks gorgeous. Ive been wanting to try some YSL lipstick or gloss, but now you've kinda swayed my decision.
  13. Booooo :sad: lol thanks anyways!
  14. Tried the Touche Eclat foundation and it looks so lovely - glowy skin but slid off after a couple of hours :sad:
  15. still liking lip couture #3