YSL Loulou Top Handle?

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  1. Hello all! I’ve been eying the Loulou top handle since I discovered it a while back. But I haven’t really seen a lot of pictures or even videos of the bag on YouTube, so I was wondering does anyone have any experience with this bag?
  2. Hello, I saw this a few weeks ago and it's beautiful. I was told that there's only one size. This one is in between the size of the small and medium loulou with chains so the size is great. The strap is adjustable and also removable. I actually love this bag and look so good too when worn. Check out my IG post: pursepieces and see how the beige color looks like.
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  3. I agree with the above comments. I've been eyeing this style all season and recently picked up the black and dark beige colors once they went on sale.

    I'm still sorting through all my sale purchases and will decide in the coming weeks which color (or more likely both) I'll keep.
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  4. Please post photos, this is such a nice bag and very hard to find photos of. I like the top handle makes it look a bit more polished and ladylike.
  5. I love the beige! Where did you find one on sale?
  6. Bergdorf Goodman had both colors on sale about a week ago, but they have since soldout.
  7. ....a few pics of the dark beige (can look light or dark in different lighting) and black
    .....inside of beige and back of black
    top inside.jpg
    and lastly a size comparison to a small velvet that's also under consideration xompare.jpg

    This blogger also has some action pics of the beige
  8. I see, thank you. What I'm actually searching for is the Loulou camera bag. Any other sites that you can recommend so I can save in my shoptgr?
  9. Absolutely stunning! Love both the beige and black. Now I feel like I need this bag as well. The small LouLou in velvet bag is so gorgeous too, is it green?
  10. The velvet is the teal color referred to as Dark Deep Sea/Dark Ottanio
    Your local SL boutique likely still has it. Otherwise, I believe Nordstrom is the only site that still has some available online
  11. The Lou camera bags are popular even at regular price, so they go quickly once marked down. Ssense had the most variety when their sale started but seem to only have shearling ones left. I'll be returning a quilted grey one I just received that wasn't to my liking....so you could stalk the site for that return if you're interested (it was marked down to $874).

    I saw some on a few other sites over the last few weeks, but it seems they're soldout.
  12. Yes I think I’ve seen this colour it’s so beautiful. I want a velvet bag but I’m concerned about the wear and tear as I’ve never had one. It’s so stunning!
  13. Thanks for the heads up but too bad I'm looking for a black one with ghw. It's ok I will just wait. What is it that you didn't like though if I may ask? I actually hasn't seen it in person so is it the leather?
  14. I have several of these, so the style and finishes in general I love. But there was a version of the quilted that came out last year that had a "plasticy" finish. I didn't realize it was this version when I ordered it from Ssense as the pictures online weren't that precise. It also seemed to be missing the extra strap holder (there should be two so that the excess doesn't flap) and had a few scratches.

    But the normal version of their quilted camera bags are great! I doubt you'll find a black with ghw on sale, but who knows!
  15. I think I know the leather that you're describing, I don't like that too haha. I would return as well if I receive that. And yes, the combo I'm eyeing is quite popular. Will just pay full price after a few months if no luck.