YSL LouLou medium with black hardware -- thoughts?

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  1. I am in love with this bag but I've only seen it online! I love the black hardware (love the gold and silver too but black on black is so pretty to me -- and versatile). Anyway, I'm thinking of taking the plunge since I have a gift card at Nordstrom (where it's on backorder -- boo -- available in early July) but before I order, I'm wondering if there are any LouLou medium owners out there with thoughts, suggestions. I haul a lot in my bags so this seemed like a much prettier bag than a tote -- but hopefully not TOO large for my 5'4 frame... I guess I want people to say DO IT! Ha. Thanks! _102148193.jpg
  2. Do it! Hahaha but seriously it is gorgeous! It is very classic with chevron Y quilting. It is like YSLs version of a Chanel jumbo flap bag. Definitely more stylish than a tote and I think it is great for work and also to elevate a casual weekend outfit as well. I would love this in Black with silver hardware :smile:
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  3. This photo of the Lou Lou bag made me fall in love with it. Look at that puffy buttery leather, gorgeous.
  4. Thanks so much -- I'm gonna do it! Yes, the puffy, buttery leather and the simplicity has really taken me. I like the college as well (I love the back pocket -- wish this one had that back pocket) but this size and the hardware, particularly the double strap chains, I loooove.
  5. Get it! I saw the black on black in small and now can’t get it out of my eyes!
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  6. Yes odd that they wouldn’t add a back pocket to slip your phone in. Anyways the leather is calfskin which is known to be tough and age nicely. I haven’t seen this size in stores yet but very interested to try this on. I do love the Niki bag too.
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  7. I already bought the Lou Lou black on silver but the Black on Black is so luxurious. Seriously can’t get it out of my head. I would love to own it too but have so many bags on my Wishlist including the YSL Niki, College etc lol
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  8. I love them! I still haven't bitten the bullet yet. I also would like the Niki and am now thinking of that over the LouLou but not sure... I wish I could just buy both. Alas, I just bought a sac de jour for more sensible reasons so three YSL bags would be a little excessive ...
  9. I'm absolutely in LOVE with the black hardware LouLou but couldn't picked up a medium dark blue (looks nearly black) with aged silver hardware exclusive from Neimans at a price that couldn't be beat coupled with that days ****** of 15%! It hasn't come in yet so we shall see! If I don't love it I'll just return and get either black/black or black/silver.
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  10. I got this purse a few months ago and am now a huge fan of black on black. Not only is it very sleek looking but timeless and easy to pair with silver or gold heels and jewelry ...actually any heels or shoe color because it's all black.
    IMG_0632 (1).jpg
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    I love these black on blacks! Just purchased medium college w black hardware and have to say, that even I am aware of the possible chipping problems, the beauty of the colour combination goes beyond ahead!
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  12. I’ve got my eye on this bag too! I love black on black. I don’t own any YSL pieces, does the black hardware really chip? What is it made out of? I had a black on black bag from a “contemporary designer” and the black hardware chipped big time but I was ok with it since I loved the look and it was an inexpensive bag. Not sure how I’d feel about a $2000+ bag chipping. Still a gorgeous looking bag though.
  13. How long have you had your bag? How’s the black hardware holding up?
  14. Mine has yet to show any chips and it better not anytime soon! I've only had it for 4-5 months. I do keep it in it's dust bag and take care of it.
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  15. Omg please share some pics if you don’t mind! I’ve been eye’ing this bag and have yet to make the actual splurge lol! So pretty!