YSL LouLou medium with black hardware -- thoughts?

  1. I am in love with this bag but I've only seen it online! I love the black hardware (love the gold and silver too but black on black is so pretty to me -- and versatile). Anyway, I'm thinking of taking the plunge since I have a gift card at Nordstrom (where it's on backorder -- boo -- available in early July) but before I order, I'm wondering if there are any LouLou medium owners out there with thoughts, suggestions. I haul a lot in my bags so this seemed like a much prettier bag than a tote -- but hopefully not TOO large for my 5'4 frame... I guess I want people to say DO IT! Ha. Thanks! _102148193.jpg
  2. Do it! Hahaha but seriously it is gorgeous! It is very classic with chevron Y quilting. It is like YSLs version of a Chanel jumbo flap bag. Definitely more stylish than a tote and I think it is great for work and also to elevate a casual weekend outfit as well. I would love this in Black with silver hardware :smile:
  3. This photo of the Lou Lou bag made me fall in love with it. Look at that puffy buttery leather, gorgeous.
  4. Thanks so much -- I'm gonna do it! Yes, the puffy, buttery leather and the simplicity has really taken me. I like the college as well (I love the back pocket -- wish this one had that back pocket) but this size and the hardware, particularly the double strap chains, I loooove.
  5. Get it! I saw the black on black in small and now can’t get it out of my eyes!
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  6. Yes odd that they wouldn’t add a back pocket to slip your phone in. Anyways the leather is calfskin which is known to be tough and age nicely. I haven’t seen this size in stores yet but very interested to try this on. I do love the Niki bag too.
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  7. I already bought the Lou Lou black on silver but the Black on Black is so luxurious. Seriously can’t get it out of my head. I would love to own it too but have so many bags on my Wishlist including the YSL Niki, College etc lol
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  8. I love them! I still haven't bitten the bullet yet. I also would like the Niki and am now thinking of that over the LouLou but not sure... I wish I could just buy both. Alas, I just bought a sac de jour for more sensible reasons so three YSL bags would be a little excessive ...
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