YSL Leopard Muse

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum and I wanted to see if I could get some help. I saw this bag on eBay but I am always suspect of buying bags on there since I have been scammed before but I reallllllly want to get this bag. Does anyone know where/if you can get a real one from auction or retail?? Any help would be much appreciated :smile:


    - Jenny
  2. It looks like the one I saw a picture of online but that one was called a muse bag (then again maybe what I saw was a fake...) Whats the difference?? Thanks!! :smile:
  3. The only leopard one I have seen is the same style in the Neiman Marcus photo above. This particular style is called the "Yse", and is not a muse.

    The difference between these two styles is very subtle -- The panels on the front and back of a muse make a Y design. The Yse, by contrast, has the diagonal leather strips only on the top right and top left sides of the bag.

    Also, the white leopard Yse in the pic below comes in two sizes. The one pictured is the XL and it also comes in a L. YSL also makes a brown leopard Yse, but I was told at the boutique that the brown only came in the Large.
    Muse.jpg Yse.jpg
  4. call a YSL boutique....good luck...
  5. It's hard to tell, but the leopard pattern on the eBay one is really off. I've seen the white leopard IRL, and while there is some variation amongst the print, the one on eBay is just too different. It is much too chunky, and would make me hestitant to bid on this bag.
  6. be careful with the one on ebay, with only 20 feedback i'd be weary as hell.
  7. Thanks. That is what I was thinking too... plus I agree the print looks off somehow...
  8. Also be careful with anything that resembles the Fauve... I really liked it and sent it to a few friends to get opinions, the comments were "the leopard pattern looks like a butt"...lovely, hence the reason that it is not in my collection!
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    This is too funny. A few weeks ago, I showed my fiance a picture of the white leapard -- His first statement was, "The leopard looks like a butt."