YSL leather espadrilles - worth it? Quality issues?

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  1. I just purchased my first pair of luxury shoes. The black leather YSL esapdrilles, marked down to $410, what a steal! I've been reading on this forum that esapdrilles are considered disposible one season shoes, and now I'm regretting my purchase. Has anyone owned the YSL leather espadrilles? What is the quality and wear and tear? They seem very well made, but again, I've never owned esapadrilles at any price point I was hoping I could wear these for 5-10 years given the price compared to Target esapdrilles.
  2. I do not own but have admired the YSL ones. I do have various other brands of espadrilles...some cheap some designer like Gucci (I bought on sale). I think 5-10 years is probably not reasonable unless you will only wear them occasionally.
  3. As someone who has purchased cheap and luxury, would you say esapdrilles are a style that is better suited for cheaper options? I purchase a lot of my summer sandals from target for this reason - summer, sweat, dirt, They are usually done after one season. I've never worn espadrilles before.
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  4. Hmm. I never thought about it. I have not experienced a big difference between cheaper and higher end espadrilles. I just buy what I like. I have both flat espadrilles and wedge heels. For some reason the wedges wear quicker than flats.

    I think buy what you love and if you can afford it and it’s pricier, so be it. I wouldn’t settle for something just because it’s cheaper. I am sure there are other members who have experience with YSL and can perhaps provide more info.
  5. Hi, I am also considering getting the espadrilles. Although I do not think they are gonna last more than 2 seasons, 3 max. I have tried the ysl pink powder (rose poudre) in the store and they were so comfortable !! However, I had them only on my feet for 10 minutes and the leather already started creasing which I did not find to be a good look. Whereas the black version seemed to had better leather in my opinion so I think you will definitely have a good price per wear.
  6. I just purchased these YSL shoes in Rose Poudre a week ago, they’re my first espadrilles ever and my 2nd designer shoes (I bought Valentino Rockstud Pumps about 2 years ago). They’re uber comfortable on my wide feet. No break-in period and no regrets. The creasing is visible but not so when worn. I’ve never heard espadrilles to be 1-season shoes but I believe if you take great care not to wear them when it’s wet out, they’ll last many years to come.

    I did want the Chanel espadrilles for quite some years now but my size were always sold out. Also, not sure if those would be good buys for me since I have friends who admit to breaking in their narrow feet before Chanels can get to a more comfortable state.
  7. That’s amazing to hear. Please keep us posted on the wear :smile:

    I think I will get them regardless of creasing haha I just wanted them for so long..
  8. I have had the Rose poudre for a year now and they wear and tear beautifully! They’re still in tact, no rips no major damage. Still hold up their shape! I love mine so much! Wear them at least 10 a month. I’ll buy more pairs after these!!
  9. Can you spray the suede espadrilles with a suede protector?
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