YSL large Muse or Chanel PST?

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  1. Just wanted to get some feedback on these two bags. I would get the muse in brown or navy. Not sure about the color of the Chanel as I have only looked at pics on here. The hubby is taking me b-day shopping and I would love to get some of your opinions.

  2. personally i like both, but if i have to choose, i would get the chanel pst because i have lots of larger bags and pst would be a perfect size for everyday use without weighing me
  3. I love the Muse I think it's so classic.
  4. chanel.
  5. I prefer the muse.
  6. ITA :yes: Very lightweight tote, not to mention timeless and super cute :girlsigh:
  7. chanel PST
  8. I would get the Muse in chocolate.
  9. I would get the muse.
  10. Muse for me. I like the PST, but it's a bit small for me.
  11. muse!
  12. I have the muse in chocolate and love it. Love Chanel too, but I prefer the flaps.
  13. Between your two choices - Chanel PST

    --but I prefer the Chanel Jumbo flap. I like that the flap closure is much more secure than the PST. The Jumbo also holds more. I think the flaps are more classic too.
  14. I vote for the Muse...I find the PST a bit too boxy.
    Happy birthday!
  15. Hi. I have muse II and chanel pst. IMO go for muse! its fabulous! :tup: